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The issue is that when try to use Yandex.News Feed plugin by Teplitca due to the fact that WP basic RSS function without parameters returns pages to feed. My problem is when I access rss feed, it cannot access the posts and the plugin cannot run properly. I need help with wordpress rss routing in nginx. Hint I have no freaking idea how to do it. Any tips or leads, please let me know. Thanks!

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Murod Sharipov

Murod Sharipov

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https://migrant.news.tj- the webpage alrady verified in ayndex webmaster. The plugin after activation gives me turbo rss but thats not feed rss, I need to configure/create wordpress rss routing in nginx, then the plugin will work correctly and give me feed rss that would work.

  1. Вадим Маркин
    Вадим Маркин /

    Попробуйте использовать плагин WP Matico.

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